Recent Initiatives

A Single Sign On (SSO) deployment for Faculty, Students and other stakeholders of the University to seamlessly access all services without any complexity.

Recommendations, security tools, bulletins, e-commerce, report an incident, virus alerts, fair use

Eligibility, types, quotas, passphrases, passwords, request access, logging in, CAS, Address Book information

An Open Source robust e-mail has been setup for enhanced productivity of DU community. It provides Setup, forwarding, attachments, viruses, spam, lists, finding addresses, Webmail

Network connections, on-campus, wireless, VPN, ISPs, dial-up, setup instructions, telephones, cellular, videoconferencing … 

Locations, hours, seat finder, reservations, development, assistance for authors, instructors 

DUware, to deals on hardware/software, software on campus, computer maintenance, Asset management 

Tutorials, certification, seminars, user groups, training requests

Central hosting, personal pages, departmental pages, web content management, web development tools, policies

Video lecture repository, streaming, podcasting, virtual learning environment 

Administrative systems, decision support, application development, operations 

Cluster Computing, research services and software, storage, visualization, GIS, RSS, and Cloud Computing

Security and Policies: To Keep ‘IT’ Safe


  • Reporting a technology incident  – Harassment, security breaches, email fraud
  • Security recommendations  – Protecting your computer, protecting your data, protecting institutional data
  • Security tools  – Antivirus software, patches, scanning
  • Security Resolution – Leadership, responsibility, and security of IT infrastructure
  • DU security bulletins – Virus alerts, security holes, patches


  • Copyright and fair use – Downloading and file sharing (peer to peer)
  • E-commerce – Credit card over the web
  • Institutional and personal information – Appropriate use, privacy, security
  • Reporting a technology incident – Harassment, security breaches, email fraud
  • Technology policies at DU  – Appropriate use, sanctions for misuse or abuse, email policies
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