Identity Management

DU Identity Management (MyDU extension)


To establish an enterprise directory infrastructure for Delhi University based on LDAP technology.

Delhi University to establish a baseline directory infrastructure by following guidelines and “best practices” available from higher education, research, and Internet communities and coordinating with the other University System/institutions. The critical issues are related to resolving enterprise identifier strategies, designing appropriate schemas, and addressing administrative processes and policy issues for directory information management.   Additionally, the implementation of technology solutions integrated into DU’s environment, the identification of resource requirements, and planning activities are important.

Establish a structure of “Steering Group” for overall direction with “working groups” for accomplishing tasks.  A working group will focus on a specific deliverable and the Steering Group will be kept informed of progress. Compile a DU campuses profile using survey models after DOT and CREN-IN initiatives. The intent is to gather appropriate, relevant information about DU identifiers, directories, authentication, and authorization infrastructure.

Define an LDAP directory schema for “DU PERSON” – by working with administration, faculty, student, alumni and other data.

Document data flows relating functional applications data with the LDAP directory data.  Include any processing steps, other databases, meta-directories or person “registries” that represent the logical LDAP directory.

Define a policy on data responsibilities related to DU Person Directory.

Recommend strategy for and implementation of an integrated DU identifier solution.  Such a solution to accommodate functional applications in a way that is consistent with the concept of a “single, logical” record for each person. 

Address policy issues at a University level.  These issues may be related to management of directory data, business process re-engineering related to timeliness of workflow, or coordination of identifiers.

The enterprise directory schema will focus initially on existing person data as found in Examination Branch, College Branch, and similar administrative systems.

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