What We Do


We provide the IT services that the University of Delhi and its colleges requires to fulfil its mission to be a world-class centre for research and teaching. As well as the core IT systems, tools and services that keep the University running day-to-day, we provide innovative services and projects to support learning, teaching and research. 

Core Services

In partnership with IT staff, we offer the help, support and advice required to keep IT working across the University and Collegses.

We help University’s teaching and learning community get the most from IT for teaching and learning, and promote innovative use of learning technologies

We offer a huge range of IT courses for academics, students and staff in our state-of-the-art IT learning rooms, which are also available for hire.


We work to make sure that all IT services keep to a high standard of information security in accordance with advice from our Information Security Team.

The digital world gives us unprecedented opportunities for communication and collaboration, and we provide IT systems to facilitate that.

We provide advice and key IT infrastructure to support researchers in planning, delivering and disseminating research.

We provide the core IT services that underpin day-to-day University life, from the networks we use to go online to the data centres where IT equipment runs.

We provide the IT tools and systems that keep the University running – from student records to finance, admissions to alumni.

Part of our mission is to build an IT community for the University, working in partnership with local IT staff to deliver world-class IT.

Our project portfolio ranges from core IT services and business applications to IT innovation in research. We offer dedicated project management.

We offer professional IT services and consultancy, including expert advice on all aspects of the use and provision of IT in the University and Colleges

We develop, contribute to and implement the policies, governance and strategies required for IT provision across the University.

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