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University Information Management System (UIMS)

Digital Initiatives – University of Delhi


With reference to the discussions during various meetings at different levels, it was constantly pointed out that there is a dire need of advanced ICT based systems  (specifically for DU) should be deployed. As the readymade system with closed architecture could not cope up with the diverse and voluminous processes of various units of the University. It is to mention that during last ten years, the University had invited leading technology solution providers through proper process, but none of them could provide a solution.

Project Formulation and Execution

After having many deliberations with the competent authorities, a pilot project was conceptualized to automate the funded research projects at the university. The objective was to facilitate the process of submission of a research project to any funding agency, execution and its management by both   Project Investigator and the Finance branch of the University. This also includes managing and streamlining the complex processes through an effective software system. The past projects are also to be managed through proposed system. The foundation of the entire system was based on ‘Open Source Architecture’.

A workflow was developed and timeline was decided. Accordingly a request was made to hire the manpower to support the initiative. The approval was given to hire two persons at programmer level and four persons at data entry level. The project took off and in due course of time software system (Beta version) called ‘RPMS’ (Research Project Management System) was deployed. After testing it by multiple users and at multiple levels, the RPMS was successfully deployed. The RPMS system is continuously being used.

Looking at the successful implementation of RPMS, the concept of UIMS (University Information Management System) was laid down. The objective was to develop a robust framework in house with he help of internal resources.  The main emphasis was gibe on ownership on whatever is to be developed, so that the customization and enhancement may be done without any external dependency. Considering the volume and diversity of the project and keeping in view of all the issues and concerns, it was recommended that our own students be engaged in this project and a ‘Internship program’ at IIC, UDSC was proposed in addition to the approved manpower. The idea behind the Internship program was to create an eco-system within the University setup. The initiative worked like the incubator, where the new ideas can incubate and contribute to the University.


To provide flexible solutions with seamless integration of diverse processes to provide effective access of information to all the stakeholders of the University. The entire development is based on open architecture with the philosophy of Open Source. There will not be any dependency on any locked in technology.  

Major Initiatives

Admission Management System

Salient Features

  • Applicable for both UG and PG Admissions
  • Ease of Access: Platform Independent
  • Efficient Application Process
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Inbuilt Analytics Engine
  • Integration with Helpdesk

Recruitment Management

  • Enables University and Colleges to invite and manage applications for Recruitment on both Teaching and Non-Teaching Posts
  • User Management
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Content Management
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Ease of Access: Platform Independent

Environmental Impact

#1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets (Reference)
Assumption: 1 Application uses 50 Sheets of papers including admission brochure, application form etc.
*The carbon footprints added by Commuting and fuel consumption (in transportation) are not included

Online Certificate System

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