MATLAB Day Workshop (May 18-19, 2023)

Deep dive into Machine Learning, Deep Leaning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with MATLAB

Form for MATLAB Day Workshop

University of Delhi has renewed the license agreement of MATLAB Campus Wide Suite, which consists number of benefits for students and faculties as mentioned below:

·  Access to all MATLAB and Simulink products available for academic use (100+ toolboxes)

·  Access of MATLAB online & Simulink online in web browser (no need to install)

·  Access to MATLAB Grader (for students’ assignments review)

·  Access to self-paced online courses on MATLAB Academy

·  Covers all faculty, staff, students and their devices

·  Access anywhere, any time

·  Immediate tool access for users via self-serve portal


Portal Link:

MathWorks has designed a very interesting session called MATLAB day, wherein first they understand the interest areas of the faculty and researchers in seeing MATLAB & Simulink being used well beforehand and then conduct a very stream-lined focused, interactive event. The main purpose of this is to help familiarize the users with the applications of these tools in the industry and help shed light on the various projects available from an industry perspective.

MathWorks would be speaking on the various industry use cases, user stories, and application areas of MATLAB & Simulink and introducing industry-level projects.