Dr. Sanjeev Singh
Joint Director

Mr. R.L. Sapra
P.A. to Director

DUCC Office

Mr. Umesh
Section Officer

Ms. Kalpana Dixit
Junior Assistant

Ms. Kiran Devi
Junior Assistant

Technical Staff

Mr. Syed Tathirul Hasan
Console Operator

Ms. Surabhi Mathur
Technical Assistant (Computer)

Ms. Renu Sharma
Technical Assistant (Computer)

Ms. Cheshta Sethi
Technical Assistant (Computer)


Core Area /Domain: Web and Database Server Administration, Web Application Development
Current engagement: Nodal Officer for GeM and e-Procurement, Web Design & Development, Managing Web hosting for University Departments / Colleges/ Faculty, Server & Database Administration and Management, LTS Research Server Management, Software Development, Online Applications, Content Management, Payment Gateway, Training

Mr. Manish Srivastava
Sr. System Programmer

Core Area /Domain: Web Application Development using ASP.NET/ASP with backend SQL Server.
Current engagement: Web Application Development using PHP framework Yii 2.0 with backend as MySQL database, Managing online RTI’s and Appeals by forwarding them to CPIO and Apellate Authority respectively, Associated as Buyer & Consignee over GeM.

Ms. Namita
Sr. System Programmer

Core Area /Domain:    Data Analysis: SPSS, Mathematica, Matlab, Excel, Database, SQL, Optimization Technique.
Current engagement:   Organizing Training / Workshop for the faculty, Research Scholars, PG students, technical staff, administrative staff of DU, Participating in Workshops conducted by various Departments and Colleges of University, Organizing Faculty Development Program, Coordinating ICT infrastructure, Buyer over GeM.

Mr. Nitin Dawar
Sr. System Programmer

Core Area /Domain:    Enterprise level Campus Networks, Campus Wi-Fi, Infrastructure Management, Data Centre Designing and Management
Current engagement: Campus Network, Campus Wi-Fi, Infrastructure Management, Data Centre Designing and Management, College Network (MPLS-VPN Connectivity), NKN Internet Connectivity Coordinator, IT Security policy implementation on UTM, Email, Server and System Administration (NMS, DNS), Server Administration Colocation Servers, Strategy Planning, UTM Device Updation and Management, Public  IP Address Allocation and Management, Network  Helpdesk Services, Vendor Management, GeM Buyer and consignee for DUCC.