Your website is created on

You can display your documents on the Internet.

Simple Steps to Putting Webpage

1. Create your own webpage.

This can be done simply by using MS Word. All you have to do is

  • open a new document
  • type in text; insert graphics/pictures
  • choose "Save As" from the File menu and write index.html for "File name"; change the "Save as type" to "web page" from the drop-down menu.

Word will save your work as a web page, ready for publishing on the Internet.  Kindly note that currently we are limiting the size of the space available to 5 Mb per person. In case you need more than that, please get in touch with us.

2. User Id and Password for using this server the server is already available with you.

3. Download the secure file transfer client called WinSCP from here. Install it on your computer by double clicking the file that you have downloaded.

When first starting WinSCP, you'll be asked for your login information. You will only need to enter the hostname as, username, and password and click Login. Assuming everything is correct, you will be presented with an interface where a local folder (on your computer) is displayed in the left panel and a remote Home folder (on the server) in the right panel.

In the right panel double click on the "Sites" folder to open it. Find the index.html file that you have saved by navigating your local computer folders in the left panel. Select it and then either drag it to the right panel or click on the "copy" button at the bottom of the WinSCP screen. You may be prompted for a confirmation of your action, click yes to complete the file transfer to the server.

3. The website is now ready for viewing. Note the address for your website:

where you substitute website for your own website allocated to you. For instance a website is created as abc, the website would appear at the address: