Average number of professional development / administrative training programs organized by the University for teaching and non teaching staff during the last five years

Since 1990 Delhi University Computer Centre has been running various short term Computer training Programmes for the Research Scholars,PG Students, Faculty, Non-teaching staff from the Administration & Libraries of DU to provide awareness and the working knowledge of various Application & System software needed for Research/ Teaching/ Administration task.

Computer Centre starts running these courses in Forenoon and Afternoon session and two training labs were running simultaneously and more courses were added. DUCC conducted training sessions:

  1.      1. Basic Computer Concepts, MS-WORD, POWER-POINT, INTERNET & E-Mail
  2.      2. Operating Systems (AIX/Unix/Linux/Windows)
  3.      3. Database Management Systems (DB2/ORACLE)
  4.      4. Programming Languages: Visual Basic, C, C++
  5.      5. Data Analysis Software: SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, Mathematica
  6.      6. Introduction to Internet and E-mail
  7.      7. MS-ACCESS
  8.      8. MS-Excel
  9.      9. Web Designing & HTML
Approx. 500 to 1000 DU members enrolled for training per year

The DUCC conducts specialized training courses and programs related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for students (PG and Research scholars), faculty members, and non-teaching staff of university.

Separate programs are conducted on topics of common interest for users. Groups of academic and non-academic staff can also request customized training.

The Centre is open to conduct training programs for users on request on topics of their interest - subject to sufficient number of participants and adequate trainers. For more details, please contact the Director, DUCC

The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art training aids including multimedia projectors, high end Personal Computers, and fully configured labs with access to varied platforms - including RISC and CISC machines running Solaris, Linux and Windows.

The Centre is in a unique position to provide server simulations and deployment scenarios in real life situation for lab access. Areas such as network security, system management, and /or specialized server functions can be easily deployed on server class machines. Users can be trained in a simulated environment on these tools and technologies.

Steps to apply for Training in DUCC

  • Download Training Form

  • Submit duly filled in form forwarded by Head of the Department/Principal of the College to the Director, DUCC.

  • The list is published on DUCC website.

Please note that:

  • These courses are available free for students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the University.